What is A/B Testing in Email Marketing?

A/B Testing in email marketing is the sending of different version of the same email campaign with some alterations like the subject line, linked image, linked text, greeting line e.t.c to a few of your email list subscribers to measure which version leads to more open and click-through rate. It is also referred as split testing. 

Example of A/B testing: Simon wants to send an email campaign to his email list. He has three Subject Lines in mind for the campaign. But he is not sure which subject line will lead to more open and click-through rate. Simon decides to pick a few of his email subscribers and divides them to A, B, and C. He then sends them the same campaign but with varying subject lines to measure which of the three subject lines has more open and click-through rate. This is what is termed as A/B testing in email marketing.  

Importance of A/B testing 

The main benefit of A/B testing is that it will help you get more email campaign open and click-through rate. Thus, leading to better performance and conversions.  

Email marketing softwares like Drip, Campaignmonitor, mailjet, mailerlite, Mailchimp e.t.c have A/B testing implemented in their marketing systems. All you need is to customize it to your needs. 

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