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I have just launched my blog. I want to know some of the things I should check to make sure I am doing the right thing
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Some of the things that you should check and do after launching your blog include.

Blog  after launch checklist

  • Webmaster submission: Make sure you have added your bog to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster
  • Sitemap: Submit your Submit your website's XML sitemap in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster
  • Security: Make sure that you have implemented the required security measures: For instance, install the WordFence security plugin or use Cloudflare
  • HTML Validator: Run your blog posts through an HTML validator tool to check if there are any HTML errors
  • Structured data and meta tags: Check whether your blog posts have the required structured data and meta tags. Search engines use structured data to understand the content of a post or page while social media sites use Open graph meta tags to display content.
  • SEO Scan: Run your blog post through SEO Site Audit tools to verify that you have met all the required SEO standards.
  • SEO plugin: Install SEO plugin like Yoast
  • Social Media Pages: Make sure that you have secured your social media pages with your blog's name before they are taken
  • Cache: Install cache plugins (Autoptimize, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache etc.) to increase page load speed
  • Mobile Responsive: Check your blog posts using a real mobile phone to confirm whether your pages are responsive
  • 301 redirect: Make sure that https://www is redirected to https if you are not using www. Also redirect HTTP to HTTPS.
  • SSL Certificate: Your blog should have a valid SSL certificate. Most web hosting companies these days offer SSL certificates for free
  • Comments: Disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress comments. Also, remove the website field in comments and enable moderation. WordPress post comments, if not moderated, can become too many (most of them from spammers), and overload your database
  • Favicon and Logo: Make sure that you have added your favicon and logo. It is important to build your brand from the first day.
  • Registration: Disable registration if you do not allow  people to register in your blog 
  • Important pages: Your blog should have About Us, Terms, Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages.
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