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I have just started a WordPress blog and I am looking for suggestions of the steps that I should take to secure my WordPress block against hackers
in Starting a Blog

1 Answer

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There are many ways through which you can secure your WordPress blog from hackers and security vulnerabilities. Below are the most important steps of keeping your WordPress blog secure.  

  • Install a WordPress security plugin or enable CDNWordFence is the most recommended WordPress security plugin while Cloudflare is the best CDN (free to use)
  • Disable user registration if it is not required
  • Install SSL Certificate: Your blog should have a valid SSL certificate. Most web hosting companies these days offer SSL certificates for free
  • Install Cookies for Comments: This plugin will prevent automated spam comments
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress Admin login: Jetpack plugin and WordFence have an option to enable 2FA seamlessly.
  • set HTTP header Referrer-Policy to strict-origin-when-cross-origin
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