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I have tried to import a file in WorPress and I got this error

Sorry, there has been an error.

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

How do I fix it
in Fixing Blog Problems

1 Answer

0 votes

To increase maximum upload in PHP INI, follow the procedure below.

Solution 1

  • Login into your cPanel
  • Go to MultiPHP INI EDITOR
  • Scroll to upload_max_filesize  
  • Increase the maximum size of an uploaded file to what you want  
  • Then click Apply button

Solution 2

If you are not using cPanel then use this solution.   

  • Log in using your FTP credentials 
  • Go to File Manager  
  • Then Public_html 
  • Open the php.ini file 
  • Increase the upload_max_filesize to your preferred number  
  • Save Changes
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