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I have created a privacy page but I do not know how to add it in the footer section of my WordPress powered blog
in WordPress Problems

1 Answer

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To place your privacy policy page in your WordPress website's footer, follow the step below  

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Appearance and then Menus 
  • Click Create a new menu and assign menu location to footer menu (at the bottom)
  • After creating menu, go to the left where pages are listed, select privacy policy page, and then click add to menu  
  • After you have added the privacy policy page, click save menu 
  • Check the front end of your website to confirm whether your Privacy Policy page has been added to the footer section

Sometimes the location of the footer menu may be called bottom menu or secondary menu. It all depends on your theme's naming structure. 

NOTE: Let us know if the privacy policy page is not visible after following the procedure above. It might be a theme related issue that we can help you address.


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