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I received an email from Stripe that payouts to my bank account have been paused until I verify my business. I do dropshipping and they want photos of the products I am selling.
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Stripe does not allow dropshipping business. Your account will be closed if Stripe finds out that you are dropshipping. Any transaction will be refunded to customers. 

For now, contact your supplier and ask them to send you photos of the required information. If your business is successfully verified, initiate a payout.

Stripe explicitly lists Drop Shipping among the restricted businesses that it does not permit because it is prone to abuse by bad actors. Therefore, consider using other alternative payment gateways after the payout is complete. 

If you insist on continuing to use Stripe because of initial approval, then one day you may have issues with a customer who will report you to Stripe and your account will be permanently closed with money in it.

Note: Most payment gateways don't like dropshipping. Even those that accept will eventually suspend your account if there is a dispute or you have high volume sales. You might want to shift to importing the items to your store and then shipping them to your customers. 

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