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I received an email that my Google Ads account has been suspended for counterfeit goods. I was selling products on my e-commerce website that I buy from Aliexpress and they do not contain any branding.
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Google Ads can label a product as counterfeit if it’s too similar to an existing brand or trademark. Your ads text, website content, images, and third-party sources are used to find out whether goods are counterfeit. You have the option to appeal for reinstatement.

Before you appeal, make sure you have made the following changes 

  • Your product names should not be similar or confused with reputable brand names. 
  • If you are a reseller or source products from a manufacturer, make sure your product description is original. 
  • Do not use images or automated content inserted using JavaScript
  • Make sure that the product image alt text is original
  • Delete any images with brand logos
  • Do not use any trademark in ads text
  • Make sure your website has contact information, refund policy, and terms, and is secure (usee https )
  • Delete any product that has a misleading description (like ISO certified) or has any word that suggests or imitates another brand
  • Delete any paused old ads in your account. 
  • If you are advertising multiple companies, use manager account otherwise stick to one brand for single accounts.

After you have made all the necessary changes, submit an appeal

Your account may be unsuspended after a couple of weeks or rejected. If your appeal is not accepted, try again later or consider alternatives.  

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