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Our Amazon SES account has been suspended for a high bounce rate. It turned out that most of the emails that we collected during the campaign we ran were fake.
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Amazon SES Alternatives

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Amazon SES requires that you keep your bounce rate below 10% and complaint below 0.50% If your hard bounce rate exceeds 5%, you should clean your email list to avoid getting to 10%. 

Now that your SES account has been suspended, you need to appeal by explaining what happened, the steps you will take to delete the fake emails, and how you plan to prevent invalid email subscriptions.

In the future, make sure that all users who subscribe or register on your platform confirm their email addresses. Any unconfirmed email address should be deleted after some time or not added to your email list.

NOTE: If you still want to continue using the old email list, make sure that you clean the list by removing invalid emails. Use tools like emailable to verify emails.

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