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AWS closed account in what they claim to be associated with an account that was previously closed. This is the first time we are opening an account and AWS support does not want to be specific on the account or email they we are associated to that was closed.
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AWS can close your account or you may request for the account to be closed. There are a number of reasons why an account can be closed. They include but are not limited to failed billing, publishing content that violates user agreements, and engaging in suspicious activities. 

If an account was previously closed, you cannot open a new account with the same domain email and billing details. Therefore, any account that you open that is associated with the previous domain email will be immediately suspended. 

Since Amazon will not provide specific details of the account that was previously closed which is related to the new account then the only option you have is to inquire from AWS support if you can create a new account with a different domain email or consider alternatives.

Contact AWS support through sales support form, on Twitter @AWSSupport, or on Reddit @AWSSupport.

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