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My YouTube account has been terminated for playing music in live stream. I have been seeing many other users live streaming with copyrighted music without any problem.
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YouTube Alternatives for Live Steaming

The difference between YouTube and the alternatives listed above is the audience. YouTube controls a large percentage of the video audience and it is hard to get a viable alternative. For now, you need to find a way of getting back to YouTube if your focus is on video content.

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Playing music in a live stream that you do not own copyrights is in violation of YouTube's terms of service. YouTube explicitly states that they do scan live streams for copyrighted content.

Your account will also be terminated for copyright infringement claims, repeated violations, hate speech, or if you receive more than 3 strikes. 

You can appeal the termination by filling out the appeal form. The YouTube policy team will review your appeal and respond via email on the decision they have made.

If your appeal is rejected, the only option you have is to consider alternatives that may not be as effective as YouTube. You may also be interested in downloading your YouTube data by visiting Google Takeout.

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