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My Nordvpn account was suspended for suspicious activity in what Nord claims is suspected website scrapping. I have no idea what they are referring to web scraping. This is so frustrating.
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NordVPN Alternatives 

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NordVPN uses automated tools to detect web scrapping patterns. Web scraping may involve but is not limited to using NordVPN to mass-download data or files from a website manually or using scraping software. It is against NordVPN's terms of service to engage in web scraping. However, the automated tools that NordVPN uses to detect web scraping may sometimes be wrong. Therefore, you can appeal the suspension.

Before you appeal, you might want to check if your account was breached and used by someone else. Change all your account login credentials and clear your browser cookies. 

To appeal the suspension, contact NordVPN via email or chat on this page or DM NordVPN via Twitter @NordVPN.

If the appeal is rejected, consider other Nord VPN alternatives that we have listed above. 

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