Bloggers name the most lightweight social sharing plugins

A question was asked on Twitter by author Aleyda as to which is the most lightweight, and clean social sharing plugin for WordPress. Aleyda indicated that he had wasted too much time looking for a social share plugin that works

Bloggers take on the most lightweight social sharing buttons

Here were the responses from other bloggers as to which is the most lightweight social sharing buttons

  • Grow Social by Mediavine
  • AddToAny
  • Sassy Social Share
  • JetPack plugin social share
  • Share Buttons Widget by Elementor Pro
  • Shariff Wrapper (markets itself as being GDPR compliant)
  • Novashare (premium)
  • ShareThis

Since the responses were given randomly, we are not able to tell which among them is the best. However, Grow Social by Mediavine has good ratings on WordPress.

We have previously used AddToAny on this website and we found that it loads too many external scripts. However, it can be integrated with a number of third-party service providers like Google Analytics, which makes it easy to get social sharing stats

Here at Blogiestools, we use our own custom-built social share buttons that do not provide any stats.

Important: Social media sharing plugins do not have to be complicated because the more complex they are the more they slow down your page load time.

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