Bloggers report a drop in Ads earnings RPM in January

A number of bloggers have reported that they are experiencing a drop in Ads earnings RPM in January.

Bloggers account of drop in RPM rates

Discussions on the r/Blogging subreddit and WebmasterWorld forum show that most bloggers are experiencing an average of 50% drop in earnings since the start of January while a few say that they have gained about 8 to 10% in revenue.

For most years, January has been known to bring high traffic and low RPM for most blogs while November has been the best month for most niches.

Advertising companies that have been widely mentioned in the discussion were Google Adsense and Mediavine.

Why do Ads earnings drop in January?

Coming from busy shopping months of November and December, most people slow down on shopping in January. This means that advertisers spend more money on advertising in the last two months of Q4 (November and December) and less in the early months of Q1.

As a publisher, you should get used to the low and high-season earning trends.

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