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What follows is a list of 600+ best blogging tools and resources used by successful bloggers to start, manage, grow and monetize their blogs.

What are blogging tools?

Blogging tools are software, mobile apps, web apps, or equipment that bloggers use for their day-to-day work. Some blogging tools need to be installed on your computer or smartphone or web server while others can be accessed or used via a web browser.

Criteria of listing: Blogging tools have been ranked according to website metrics, user experience, and editorial judgment.

In Editorial Judgment, we analyzed and gathered blogging tools used by successful independent blogs some of which include neilpatel, wpbeginner, css-tricks, smashingmagazine, smartpassiveincome, smartblogger, hongkiat, adamenfroy, Problogger, ryrob, winningwp, shoutmeloud, backlinko, wpcrafter, bloggingcage, jeffbullas, createandgo, melyssagriffin, eofire, etc.

If you are interested to know the web tech each top blog mentioned above uses that we have reviewed, then check website technologies built on.

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Web Hosting Companies for a blog

List of web hosting and domain registration companies used by bloggers.

Email Marketing Platforms

List of essential email marketing platforms used by bloggers for sending email subscription newsletters to maximize blog traffic.

CMS Platforms for starting a blog

List of popular content management systems (CMS) used for creating blogs.

CDN Platforms

List of content delivery network service providers used by bloggers to improve website load speed and performance.

Blog Monetization Platforms

List of blog monetization platforms that bloggers use to make money through blogging;

Landing Page Builders

List of tools that are used for building landing pages for conversion;

Advertising platforms for bloggers

List of advertising platforms used by small businesses to market their products.

Book writing and editing software for bloggers

Best book writing tools and editing software that smart bloggers use to create and edit blog posts.

Collaboration tools for bloggers

List of online collaboration tools used to manage teams in a workplace.

CRM Software for freelancers

Best CRM software for freelancers and small businesses.

 Crowdfunding platforms for startups

List of best crowdfunding platforms that bloggers can use to raise funds for their startups.

Customer Service Software for bloggers

List of the best-automated customer service tools used to handle client inquiries:

Document creating and processing software

Tools used to for creating and editing PDF, creating word documents, opening zip files, etc.

eCommerce website builder platforms for bloggers

List of recommended tools used to build eCommerce websites without hiring a developer;

 Event promotion websites like Eventbrite

Websites used to promote events online for free and paid.

 Free and paid Antivirus Software for bloggers

List of free and paid Antivirus Software that you can download online and install in your Mac or Windows device.

 Free and paid SSL certificate providers for bloggers

List of free and paid ssl Certificate service providers that you can use protect your blog.

 Free and Paid stock image websites for bloggers

List of some of the best free and pro stock image websites that you can use download photos for your blog articles.

Graphic Design software for bloggers

List of amazing online free graphic design software that beginners and professionals can use to create beautiful designs.

Image Compression software nd plugins for blogs

Best free online image compression software and WordPress plugins that bloggers use to reduce the size of their website images.

Keyword Research tools bloggers

List of the best kewyword research online tools that some the greatest bloggers use to find low competition and high-volume keywords for their blog posts.

Linux Distributions and Operating Systems

List of the best Linux distributions and OS used by programmers.

Live Streaming Software for bloggers

List of the best live streaming software used by bloggers for YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites live stream.

Membership Website Create software for blogging

Best software used for creating membership website for recurring andd one-off subscriotions:

 Mobile app development software and framework

List of PC and online mobile app development software that are used by creative bloggers for developing android and iOS mobile apps.

Note taking apps for bloggers

Best free and paid note taking apps for iPads. MacBook and windows 10 used by bloggers.

Online course platforms for bloggers

List of the best platforms used by bloggers to create online teaching courses.

 Online File Sharing Sites

List of free and paid file sharing websites that you can use to share your music, documents, photoe, etc. Most of the do not require registration.

Online Payment Gateways for bloggers

List of trusted and global online payment gateways that boggers use to integrate to their eCommerce websites to receive payments online. Stipe is available in these countries only Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Hong Kong, United States, Ireland, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Bulgaria, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Romania, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Cyprus, Australia, Preview, Slovakia, Singapore, Greece, Netherlands, India, Lithuania, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Estonia, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, New Zealand and Norway.

Online Tax Filing Software

Best online tax filing software that self-employed professionals use to prepare and file their tax returns. Most of the software listed below are ideal of United States users

Online Short Video Maker Software for bloggers

Best online video maker software that bloggers use to create promotional videos. They do offer free package, but it comes with a watermark or limited feature. Therefore, the best option is to buy.

Password Manager Tools for bloggers

List for best password manager service providers for android, iPhone, and Windows.

Plagiarism Checker Software for bloggers

List of online software that are used to check for copied content by students, educators, and freelancers

Platforms of hiring freelancers

List of awesome platforms that bloggers use to hire blog post writers, designers, web developers, and editors.

Podcast Hosting platforms bloggers

List of podcast hosting platforms that successful bloggers use to start a podcast show.

Print on Demand Websites for creative bloggers

Best print on demand websites that creative bloggers use to generate income with.

Project management software and tools

List of top 10+ software and apps used for project management by bloggers.

Self-Publishing Companies like KDP

Best self-publish websites that writers use to publish their books at an affordable cost.

Social media management tools

Best Social media management tools used by professionals and small businesses to manage social media engagement.

Time tracking apps and software

List of best time tracking apps used by freelancers and students to track working hours and study time.

Transcription Software and websites

Best transcription software for automatic transcription of music, audio, and videos

Video Conferencing Software for bloggers

Video conferencing tools for education and blogging.

Web Hosting Control Panels

Open source and premium web hosting control panel used for blogging.

Web Push notification software

Best web push notification software Compatible with browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Android Native browser. Almost all the web push notification tools listed below offer a free limited or a free trial plan.

 Website Backup and files storage service providers

Best website backup service providers that blogger use to backup and store their blog files and data.

Website Cache software and plugins

website cache software and WordPress plugins that bloggers use to optimize and improve website performance for better search rankings.

Website security software and service providers

Best website security software used to protect blogs against data breaches, DDoS attacks, hacks, and all forms of cyber threats.

Website SEO checker and audit tools

Tools used check and audit website for SEO guidelines compliance.

Website Translation Tools and Plugins

Best tools used to automatically translate web pages and web content through web API (Application Programming Interface).

Websites used for making infographics and presentations

Websites that designers use to make infographics and presentations.

WordPress Themes and plugins marketplaces

Best WordPress themes and plugins websites that you can buy a blogging theme or template.

Expense management software and apps

Best expense management and tracking software used by small businesses and freelancers to manage their personal expenses.

 VPN Service Providers

The best browser and PC VPN service providers that are used to prevent tracking and custom access location and country blocked websites like Netflix.

Best online proofreading software used bloggers used to check their blog posts for spelling and grammatical errors before publishing.

Blogging office equipments and accessories

List some of the best blogging office equipment and office accessories that should be on your purchase checklist.

Info: If you follow technology trends, you should know that technologies popularity changes daily. An example is MySpace that was more popular than Facebook and now it does not exist. Therefore, the blogging tools listed above are frequently updated for ranking order as demand changes.

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