Blogging Resources

What follows is a list of free blogging resources to help you start and grow your blog.

Disable yoast seo schema data on woocommerce product page

Yoast SEO JSON-LD Schema Data is included in every WooCommerce page. This includes single product pages. You may want to remove Yoast Schema data on Woocommerce single product pages because the Structured Data added by Yoast is not related to a product and instead use the default WooCommerce  product Structured Data. Why you should disable …Read More »

Wattpad acquisition by Naver, to join Webtoon

Wattpad a website where writers share their stories has been acquired by Naver which owns WEBTOON (1). Below are facts about the acquisition.   Acquiring company: Naver (Naver Corporation)  Acquired company: Wattpad.  Acquired Date: 19th January 2021.  Amount Acquired for:  $600 million (2)  Acquisition Prospects: Webtoon and Wattpad which are both websites where creators share …Read More »

MailPoet an email marketing service provider has been acquired by WooCommerce an eCommerce WordPress plugin. Below are facts about the acquisition that can be download in pdf. Acquiring company: Wocommerce (a brand of Automatic Inc) Acquired company: MailPoet Acquired Date: December 7 2020 Amount Acquired for:  Undisclosed cost Acquisition Prospects: Automatic Inc intends to use …Read More »

CentOS 8 and 7 alternatives

CentOS 8 alternatives: You might have heard the news by Red Hat a company owned by IBM that CentOS Project is shifting its focus to CentOS Stream and most customers are not happy about it. A petition has been opened by Spry Servers on asking CentOS governing board not to end CentOS development. Below …Read More »

Blogies Tools 1920 by 1080

What follow is a list of 4 main reasons why your guest post was rejected and what to do after rejection. The four reasons are Originality, format, grammar, and relevancy   1. Originality  All guest posts submitted to must be original. We use an automated tool to check for plagiarism. Therefore, ensure your post …Read More »