What is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold Email marketing is the sending of emails to people who did not subscribe or opt into your email lists. This simply means sending emails to users without their prior consent. Cold emails are normally sent to businesses with a business relationship in mind.  

Where are Cold Emails Collected from? 

Cold emails are collected from social media profiles and business websites. Other means through which people get cold emails include buying email lists and scraping emails  

Is Cold Email Spam? 

Some marketers say cold email marketing is not spam while others argue that cold email marketing is considered spam. What matters most is the content of your cold email. 

Is cold email marketing legal? 

Cold email marketing is illegal or legal depending on the sender and receiver’s territory. For instance, in the UK you must get consent from people before adding them to your email list.  

Familiarize yourself with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM Act, CASL, Australian Spam Act, etc. before you begin cold email marketing. 

Beware that cold email marketing can have a devastating effect on your Server IP if people begin marking your email as spam.  

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