Importance of converting blog visitors to Email Subscribers

Statistics that show why converting your blog visitors to email list subscribers is one of the most important ways of growing your blog traffic.

There are three most important ways of getting non-paid traffic to your blog. They include Social media viral traffic, Search Engine SEO traffic, and Email Subscribers Traffic. All the three methods are essential for the growth of your WordPress blog. However, Email traffic stands out for one reason. It is a consistent source of traffic and  

Importance of having an email list 

Social Media Traffic can spike once when your post goes viral on social media and then traffic will go down. 

Traffic from Search engines might spike once because your post appeared on page one of Google search and a month later your post may drop to page 2, and your traffic will go down.  

Email traffic will always remain consistent. If for instance, your Email click-through rate is between 10 to 15%, nothing much will change over time. You will still be getting a 10 to 15% click-through rate from your email list audience.  

Email Marketing Conversion Statistics 

Data that we collected from a client’s blog that we manage shows that of 1,605,775 users that visited the blog over a period of one year (August 2019 to August 2020), 1,575,628 were new visitors and the rest were returning visitors. Therefore, 98% are new visitors. What this means is that there are chances that 98% of your website visitors will never come back and you will not be able to reach them. But once such visitors become your email list subscribers, you can always reach them via email and let them know of your new articles.  

Website Email conversation rate statistics
New vs Returning Users Data/Photo

A study published by Mailmunch shows that email conversions lead to more sales than Organic search and social media combined as illustrated in the table below.  

Traffic Source Direct Sales Value Direct Sales Percentage 
Direct $36,450.46 47.85% 
Email  $15,970.89 20.96% 
Paid Search $13,4991.01 17.72% 
Organic Search $6,501 8.53% 
Referral $1,945.43 2.55% 
Social Network $1,023.95 1.34% 
Display $784.75 1.03% 
Other $8.00 0.01%) 
Table of Conversion Value

Being able to retain your audience is the biggest asset or investment for your blog. Therefore, you should start building your email list as soon as possible. 

How to Capture Email addresses of website visitors 

There are several ways through which you can capture email addresses of your blog visitors. Some of those techniques include. 

  • Lead Magnet: Offering premium products for free to your website customers in exchange for their emails. 
  • Contact form: Capture email addresses of people who use your contact form 
  • Comment form: Add a checkbox in your blog post comment sections so that people can subscribe to your blog posts when they click the comment button.  
  • Pop-ups Subscription form
  • Slide-ins subscription form 
  • Hellobars subscription form 

You can use free WordPress plugins to implement any of the email capturing approach listed above.

Important: Growing your email list is one of the most important strategies of being successful in blogging. Getting sudden traffic spikes and drops should not be your primary goal.

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