DeSo is introducing DAO coins to help support founders

DeSo has announced that it is introducing DAO Coins to help founders get better access to capital, more liquidity, and more direct governance over their organizations.

DeSo blockchain support for DAO coins

For the DeSo blockchain to support DAO coins, DeSo profiles will be built to support DAO coins. Founders can start by creating a DeSo profile on The profile should describe what project you are running and what it aims to achieve. Once you have created a profile it will be possible to mint or burn DAO coins.

There is also the idea of introducing Subreddit DAOs. Each subreddit will be allowed to own DAO coins and community members can invest in them. DAO Coins could also be rewarded to Subreddit members depending on their engagement. All this is possible through  DeSo blockchain technology.

In simple terms,  DeSo blockchain wants to make it possible for founders to be funded through DAO Coins.  This is different from “Creator Coins” that DeSo introduced a year ago.   If you had initially raised money with Creator Coin, it will be possible to convert them to DAO coins

For detailed information on how this technology works read DeSo Protocols

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