Email Marketing Glossary of Terms for Digital Marketers - Blogies Tools

A glossary of common email marketing terms that every digital marketer should know.

Each link of email marketing terms below comprises a short article of between 200 to 300 words with a practical example that makes it easy to understand the meaning of each term. 

List of email marketing terms

The terms below have been arranged alphabetically (a to z).

To download a pdf version of the email marketing terms list above, use the print option in your browser.

Contribution: We will keep updating and adding more email marketing terms but you can let us know of any term that is not listed above that you would like us to define.  

Corrections:  If you come across any email marketing terminology that has grammatical errors or is not clearly defined please reach us for corrections. We welcome any kind of corrections or suggestions that can improve the accuracy of our posts. 

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