What is DKIM in Email Marketing?

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is the adding of a unique encrypted signature to a domain that is used to verify the authenticity of received emails. The receiver server authenticates each email message to confirm that the domain where it originated from has a valid digital signature, if it is not, it considers the email message as spam. 

For example:  If User A sends a message to User B. A Hacker may access the message being sent and alter it for spamming purposes. User B will, therefore, receive an altered message. If you set up DKIM, the email client for User B can be able to validate and identify that the message did not originate from User A and mark it as spam.  

DKIM record should be set up together with SPF for it to work effectively. Read on What is SPF

Importance of DKIM 

DKIM is vital in preventing email spoofing.  

In email marketing, setting up DKIM improves your sending score, domain authority, and email deliverability. 

Setting up DKIM  

Below is a summary of how setup DKIM in cPanel. 

  • Login to your cPanel account 
  • Go to Email Deliverability or Authentication (depending on your cPanel version) 
  • Under DKIM click Enable. Once you enable, a public key will be generated 
  • or if you are seeing Problem exists, click manage and then Generate Local DKIM key and then click install the suggest record 
  • Copy the suggested DKIM text record. That is Name and Value.  
  • Go to Zone editor 
  • Click Manage 
  • Add new text record 
  • Enter the Text records you saved. That is Name and Value 
  • Click Add record 
  • You are done. 

You can also read about SPF and DMARC.

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