What is Automation in Email Marketing?

Email Automation is the automatic sending of personalized email messages to subscribers at specified times using set triggers and rules.  

Example of Email Automation: You can choose to automatically send welcome email to new subscribers or send a reminder email to a customer who abandoned a cart while trying to checkout or send an email alert to subscribers when you publish a new article. 

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Types of Email Automation 

There are two types of Email Marketing automation. They include Time based automation and behavior eavier based automation.  

 Time based: These are emails sent at a set time. They include:  

  • RSS Feeds: Let your subscribers know when you publish a new article 
  • Events: Send birthday and anniversary wishes with Offers to your customers  
  • Welcome email:  introduce yourself to your new customers 2 hours after they have subscribed  

Behavior based: This involves sending emails to subscribers depending on their behavior. For instance, if a customer opens a promotional email but does not click on the promotional link an email is sent reminding him to click the link. If he clicks the link, another email is sent to him with further instructions. They include:  

  • Abandoned Cart: Send reminder emails to your customers if they do not  complete purchasing a product 
  • Workflows:  Build a roadmap of messages you want to automatically send to your subscribers from the first day.  

Benefits of Email Automation  

It helps in personalization of messages which improves interactions. This further leads to high click through rate and conversions. 

 It also saves time by automating messages. 

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