What is Autoresponder in Email Marketing?

An email Autoresponder is a website program that is designed to automatically reply to emails according to trigger actions that have been set in your marketing automation workflow. 

Example of Autoresponder: Mary visits website Z and subscribes to its weekly newsletter. One hour after subscribing, Mary receives an email from website Z that reads: 

Hi, Mary,  

Thanks for signing up for our weekly newsletter. We are happy to have you on board.  

You will be receiving our weekly newsletter every Friday. 


This is an example of an autoresponder. Everyone who signs up to website Z’s newsletter will receive this welcome email automatically.  

Benefits of Email Autoresponders 

Some of the advantages of using autoresponders in email marketing include:  

Save time: Autoresponder is automated. Therefore, you will not have to spend time sending response emails to your subscribers.

More Sales: You can set autoresponder to send related product recommendations to your customers which can lead to more sales. 

Types of Email Autoresponders 

There are several types of email responders. Some of them include:  

Welcome Email: Used for welcoming news subscribers 

Product Recommendations: Used for sending recommendations of products related to what a customer has purchased 

Reminders: Send reminders to users who have been inactive in your platform or subscribers who forgot to confirm their subscription.  

Out office: When you are not in the office or are on holiday, you can set an autoresponder to remind your customers when you will be available to reply to their emails.

Some of the top email marketing platforms and CRM that have autoresponders include Aweber, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Drip, Keap, HubSpot, Getresponse, etc. 

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