What is a campaign in Email Marketing?

Email Campaign is a set of messages that are intended to be delivered to an audience at a specific time. It might be a weekly newsletter campaign, a Black Friday campaign, or a gift campaign for new email list subscribers.  

Type of email Campaigns  

There are two main types of email campaigns:  

Automated: These are campaigns that are used to send automated messages to subscribers. For example, welcome email to new subscribers, happy birthday wishes, blog post updates, etc. 

Regular: These are campaigns that must be manually created and sent. 

Features of Email Campaigns 

Below are some of the features of email campaigns. 

  •  Name: This is the identity of the campaign. It might be a welcome email campaign, weekly newsletter campaign, etc.  
  • Title: This is what appears as the subject line of the email. It should be appealing 
  • Audience or recipient: This is the list of subscribers who will receive the email campaign 
  • Body: This is the content of the campaign. Ensure that it does not have spam trigger words so that it can land in the primary inbox folder.  
  • Footer: Should have the unsubscribe link, organization name, and address. 

Important: sending email campaigns with too many images is the easiest way to be marked as spam or get your email land in the promotion folder. 

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