What is an email client in Email Marketing?

Email Client is a web application that is programmed to write, send, receive, and store email messages. To access emails via an email client, you must first install an email client application.

Examples of email clients include Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mailbird, and Mozilla Thunderbird. 

Email Client Functions  

Email clients can handle the following functions. 

  • Send messages 
  • receive messages  
  • Send files like images, documents, videos, audio, and zip files 

How email clients work

When you compose an email and click send it goes through SMTP which checks the email header to ensure that everything is in order, if everything is good it is sent to the domain name system (DNS) of the receiver for instance example.com.  

DNS acts as the address of the receiver. The DNS server will then send the email to the mail transfer agent (MTA) which acts like the last mile shipping carrier. The function of MTA is to find the username associated with the domain for example Lewis (lewis@example..com) and deliver the email to the user. 

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