What is double opt-in? (Email Marketing)

Email Double opt-in is the confirmation of a subscriber’s email address when he has subscribed to an email list by clicking on a verification link sent to his email. The main reason of implementing double opt-in is to confirm the real owner of the email.  

Double is used to mean a two-step process. The first step is subscribing to the email list and the second step is confirming email. On the other hand, Opt-in means agreeing or consenting to be added to an email list. 

Double opt-in example: Mary visits website Z and subscribers to receive its monthly newsletter. For Mary to be added to website Z’s email list, she must confirm her email. Failure to do so means that she will not receive the monthly newsletter. 

Benefits of Double Opt in Email Marketing 

Some of the reasons as to why you should implement double opt-in include:

Reduce Bounce Rate: By forcing people to confirm their email addresses before being added to email list means you will reduce the number of fake email subscribers thus reducing bounce rate and improving email deliverability

Comply with various privacy regulations: Having double opt-in means that you have been granted permission to send email campaigns to subscribers. Some laws like CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR Act require user consent before sending marketing emails. 

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