List of Email Marketing Automation Workflow examples

Marketing Automation is a crucial factor in email marketing. Automation statistics published by instapage show that implementing automation as part of your email marketing strategy can lead to a 17% increase in revenue and 11% customer retention. The same data also shows that implementing marketing automation can save 30% of your time.

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What follows is a list of marketing automation workflow examples: 

1. New Email List Subscriber automation 

New subscriber automation Example: When users subscribe to your email list. It is important to have an automated message that thanks them for signing up. You can then introduce your company and let them know how often you will be sending them emails.  

example of ello welcome email automation
example of Ello welcome email/Photo

2. After product purchase automation 

Product purchase automation Example: You can set an automated workflow that will send a list of recommended related products to a customer. The message can be sent a day after a customer has made a purchase. 

3. Customer Anniversary Automation

Anniversary celebration automation Example: If a user has been your customer let us say for one year, send them a message celebrating the relationship he has had with your business. You can offer him a product discount to celebrate the anniversary.  

4. Abandoned Cart Automation 

Abandoned cart automation Example: If a customer did not complete a purchase or is facing difficulties in buying, send them a message inquiring about the challenge they are facing and offer a solution that will lead them to complete the checkout. 

5. Canceled Subscription Automation 

Canceled subscription automation Example: If a customer has canceled his subscription, send him a personalized message to let him know that you miss him. You can present him with an offer if you have one. 

6. Inactive subscriber automation 

Example: Send them an email inquiring if everything is going well and if they are still interested in receiving emails from you. 

example of type form inactive subscriber email
Example of type form inactive subscriber email/Photo

7. Customer Inquiry Automation (Autoresponder

Example: When a customer sends an inquiry, he should receive an automated message which lets him know that you have received his request and he should expect to hear from you after one hour or let him know that you are out of office, and you will get back to him after 48 hours 

8. Reminder Automation 

Reminder automation example: If a user has signed up to your weekly newsletter and has not confirmed his email after 24 hours, you should set an automated message that reminds such users to confirm his email. It might be that he missed your first confirmation email.  

example of confirm email subscription automation
Example of Email confirmation message/Photo

9. Customer Reviews Automation  

A study done by Spiegel Research Center Re shows that reviews have a 270% influence on purchase decisions, especially for more expensive products. Therefore, it is important to send a message to your customer asking them to review the product they bought.

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