What is a Newsletter in Email Marketing?

An email newsletter is an email sent to subscribers to keep them updated with your latest published articles, events, jobs, products, etc. Newsletters can be sent daily, weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly depending on your campaign settings. 

Example of Newsletter: Jane visits Website X and subscribes to receive the latest job opportunities in marketing. When Website X publishes a post about a marketing job opportunity, a newsletter is sent to Jane about the opportunity. 

Newsletter WordPress Plugins 

Newsletter WordPress plugins are used to create a system of sending newsletters within a WordPress dashboard. You can use them to create subscription forms, collect emails, create email lists, create campaigns, and send newsletters. Here is a list of the best WordPress email marketing newsletters plugins

Good Newsletters 

Some of the factors that make a good newsletter which attracts a high open and click-through rate include.

  • Subject Line should be appealing 
  • It should be mobile responsive 
  • Content should be relevant to the topic that subscribers opted in to 
  • It should have a call to action that is catchy 
  • It should have an unsubscribe link in the footer 

Importance of Email Newsletters  

Some of the benefits of newsletters for businesses include:   

Consistent Website Traffic: Unlike website visitors who arrive from social media or search engines, those who subscribe to your newsletters will keep coming back to your website each time you send them a newsletter.  

Reliable Email Marketing Channel: Unlike your Facebook page which can be deleted by Facebook anytime or the number of people you reach can be altered by an algorithm change, no one has control over your email list. People can indeed unsubscribe form your email list but not to the magnitude of a Facebook page or Twitter account you have built over years being pulled down without warning if you share a contrary opinion. 

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