What is opt-out in email marketing? (Definition)

Email opt-out is the process of unsubscribing from an email list or choosing not to receive emails from a sender. It is the antonym of opt in. The process of opting out can happen either through clicking the unsubscribe link that is the footer of each email you receive from your sender or writing an email to your sender and let him/her know that you no longer wish to receive emails from his or her service. 

Example of Email opt out: Lewis decides that he no longer want to receive emails from Website Z. He goes to the footer of the emails sent from Website Z and clicks the unsubscribe link and completes unsubscribing. Lewis has opted out of Website Z’s email list. He will not anymore receive email messages from Website Z.  

Importance of having an unsubscribe link in your email footer 

Below are some of the reasons why email marketers need to have the unsubscribe link at the footer of each email they send.  

Compliance with various anti-spam Laws:  Various anti-spam laws like CAN-SPAM Act require marketers to include unsubscribe link at the footer of their emails so that subscribers can opt-out of their email list anytime they wish to. 

Improve email deliverability: If your subscribers are not able to unsubscribe to your email list when they wish to then they will start marking your emails as spam. Having a high number of your emails being marked as spam will affect your email deliverability and in worst case scenario your domain IP will be blacklisted or suspended. 

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