What is Segmentation in Email Marketing?

Email Segmentation is the splitting of an email list into groups that share a common interest, location, behavior, or history. Segmentation is done to deliver content that is relevant to a specific group.  

Example of email segmentation: If you have a website that shares content on several topics. You can let your subscribers select the topic they are interested in receiving email updates. You can then segment your email list according to the topics they opted into. 

How to implement email segmentation 

To make your work easier in segmenting an email list, create a subscription form that has fields whose data you will use for segmentation. For instance, you can create subscription form fields that let the user select the topic they are interested in, frequency of email updates, etc. 

Importance of email segmentation  

The main benefit of segmenting your email list is to deliver relevant emails. This will lead to more open and click-through rate thus high conversions. 

CRM and email marketing platforms like MailChimp, convertkit, AWeber, activecampaign, constantcontact, Infusionsoft, and Drip have several features that will make your work in easier when it comes to email segmentation 

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