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This is an online simple but effective free tool that you can use to check for spam trigger words in your email newsletter

How to use our spam checker tool online

Copy your newsletter content including the subject line and paste it in the box below and then click on the scan button. The tool will run background checks for any spam trigger words in your newsletter and post scan results below the scan button.  

Any detected Spam words will be highlighted in yellow. You can edit your newsletter and remove the words marked in yellow. If there are no words highlighted in yellow in your first scan result, then it means that your newsletter content has no spam trigger words.

How Spam Trigger Words Checker Tool works 

Once you click on the scan button, our search system will crawl through your newsletter content and identify whether there are any keywords similar to thousands of spam trigger words available in our online database. It then posts the scan results in microseconds. Detected spam words are highlighted in yellow. 

Our index of email spam trigger words is updated regularly. 

i Paste Your Newsletter Scan Results

Privacy Notice:  We do not store/log any data entered in the form. Once you close this page all the data you entered in the form will be automatically erased.

Importance of scanning your email for spam words 

Email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, Yandex Mail, Hotmail, iCloud Mail, AOL Mail, GMX, Proton Mail, Mail, etc. have a spam filter algorithm that detects spam trigger words and marks your email as spam or not.  Gmail for instance reported that it blocks over 100 million spam messages each day.

Email Marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, and Convertkit can also suspend your account if a significant percentage of your emails are being marked as spam.  

Other than your account being suspended or blacklisted, allowing your email newsletter to go to the spam box is a waste of investment in email marketing. 

Why do emails go to the spam folder? 

There are several reasons why your emails go to the Spam folder. The five main reasons are: 

  • Email Authentication: This is the verification of the origin of the email. If you are using your email domain for example, email service providers like Google’s Gmail need to verify that the (from) email belongs to your domain. You need to setup MX records, SPF, and DKIM so that email service providers can verify the origin of the email. Read more about SPF, DKIM, DMARC and email authentication.
  • Domain or IP reputation: Email service providers score email domains or IPs according to their sending reputation. If your email domain IP has a good sending reputation, then it will have a high sending score and deliverability rate. Learn more about email sending score and deliverability.
  • Blacklisted Domains: Email Service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. do monitor how clients engage with emails associated with your domain. If a large percentage of your emails are marked as spam then your domain will ultimately be labelled as spam. It will be very difficult for your message to arrive at the primary folder if your website has been identified as spam. Even if you follow all the guidelines provided above your message will still land at the spam folder. The only option you have is to setup a new domain email.
  • Email Encryption: Emails sent from your domain or email marketing service provider should be encrypted. Ensure that your website has implemented SSL/TLS. Most web hosting companies these days provide free ssl certificates and therefore there is no reason why your website should not be https enabled.
  • Newsletter Content: This is what is contained in your newsletter. It includes the Subject line, body, and footer. The tool above was created to help you deal with this factor. Your email content must pass through email spam filtering software and testers before it is determined whether it should go to the primary inbox, promotional tab, or spam folder.  

Whether you are a cold mailer, bulk sender, or small business you need to check and remove spam trigger words in your newsletter or campaign. It is one of the best tactics of stopping your emails from going to the spam folder of your email list subscribers or recipients.  

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