What is a Subscription form in Email Marketing?

An email subscription form is a file that is used to collect emails from people interested to receive email updates from your business. In email marketing, the most important field in a subscription form is the email field.  

A typical example of what a subscription form looks like is available in the featured image above. 

Subscription form fields 

A subscription form can have any or all the following fields depending on your business niche. 

  • Email field: This is used to collect the subscriber’s email 
  • Name field: This is used to collect the names of the subscriber  
  • Phone Number Field: This is used to collect the phone number of the subscriber 
  • Privacy Confirmation field: This is a checkbox where the subscriber must check to agree with your privacy policy before subscribing to your email list. 

Types of Subscription Forms 

The main types of subscription forms include:  

Embedded forms: This can be placed in your website widget, footer, header, or within the content to collect email subscriptions. 

Pop-up forms: These are subscription forms that appear after a set time. It can be a user who wants to leave your site or when a user scrolls to the bottom of the page. 

Subscription forms can be added to a WordPress website using subscription form plugins or embedded using an HTML code. 

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