What is an email template in Marketing?

An Email Template is a file that is created in HTML with a layout that is designed for sending email campaigns.  

Example of email templates:  We have provided a list of HTML email templates that are compatible with your email platform or client. 

Using customizable email templates makes it easy to create and send email campaigns instead of designing the template from scratch. 

Types of Email Templates 

There are two main types of email templates:  

  • Mobile Responsive: This is a template that can resize and fit any device’s screen size without distorting text. 
  • Non-Responsive: These are templates that cannot adapt to the screen size of a device.  

 Benefits of Email Templates 

Benefits of using email templates include:  

  • Save Time: With ready-made email templates, all you need is to customize text, add visuals, and create your email campaign.  
  • Easy to Customize: All you need is drag and drop to personalize your template.  
  • Export and Import: HTML templates can be exported and imported to where you need to use them. 

Email Marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Convertkit, Aweber, Drip, Activecampaign have thousands of free email templates for their customers. 

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