What is Email Validation in Marketing?

Email validation is the process of verifying if an email address can receive emails sent to it. Email addresses that fail the validation test are considered invalid. One key signal of an invalid email is that once you send an email to it it bounces. 

Example: If you try to send an email to dogs@blogiestools.com you will get an error message from mailer-daemon which says, “Delivery Status Notification (Failure) or Address not found.” 

Importance of Email Validation 

Some of the reasons as to why Email Validation is important in email marketing include:  

  • Reduce Email Bounce Rate: If you are collecting emails through single opt-in, some users can subscribe with non-existent emails. If you do not validate and clean such emails, they will bounce and affect your sending score or deliverability
  • Increases sending score: If you regularly send emails that have a low bounce rate and high open rate, then your sending score will crease. 

Email Validation tools 

Some of the paid and free email validation tools that you can use include Never Bounce, ZeroBounce, Mailbox Validator, Clearout, Hunter, Hubuco, Debounce, Proofy, Bouncer, and Email Checker. 

How email validation tools work is that once you import your email list, they will scan all the emails and find emails that are invalid or have a high spam rate and then remove them.  

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