Guest Post Rejection Reasons

What follow is a list of 4 main reasons why your guest post was rejected and what to do after rejection. The four reasons are Originality, format, grammar, and relevancy  

1. Originality 

All guest posts submitted to must be original. We use an automated tool to check for plagiarism. Therefore, ensure your post is unique.  

2. Writing Format  

All guest posts should follow the format below, failure to which they will be rejected.  

  1. Image: Attach your tool’s logo or name with a white background (image example 1). It will be used as the featured image.  
  1. Title: The title of your post should be (tool’s name followed by what it is best for) for example Convertkit: Best for Creatives. The title should be less than 70 words.  
  1. Description: Describe what your tool does, the kind of blogs it targets, and its uniqueness  
  1. Founders and Date: Provide the name of the founder (s) and founding date  
  1. Location: Provide the headquarters of the tool  
  1. Services/Features: Provide tools features, services, or products  
  1. Website: Provide the tools’ home page address for example  
  1. Word Count: Your submitted post should have a minimum of 300 words. Posts with more than 500 words stand a good chance of being published.  

3. Grammar and spelling errors 

Guest posts that have a lot of spelling and grammatical errors will be rejected. You can use free online grammar checker tools to check for grammatical errors in your text. 

4. Relevancy 

Before submitting your guest ensure that it is a blogging tool. We define a blogging tool as a platform, website, mobile application, or software that helps users:  

  • Start or build a blog or,  
  • Manager a blog or,  
  • Grow a blog or,  
  • Monetize a blog.  

Any guest post submitted that falls out of our defined scope will be rejected. 

5. Prohibited content

Examples of content that we do not allow include but are not limited to:

  • How-to articles
  • Product reviews
  • News websites
  • Adult content
  • Gambling content
  • Copyrighted material
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Online trading
  • YouTube videos
  • non-English text
  • Audios

5. What next after rejection? 

Format your guest post to meet our guideline and resubmit it.