Jelastic makes it easy to deploy WordPress clusters on vultr

Virtuozzo has announced that one of its solutions Jelastic DevOps PaaS Lite Edition is now available on Vultr. Developers can now use Jelastic DevOps PaaS to deploy auto-scalable clusters of content management systems like WordPress and  Magento

Deploying WordPress Clusters on vultr using Jelastic DevOps PaaS

Deploying a WordPress cluster is a time-consuming and complex process, Jelastic makes it easy through simple and minutes install processes on vultr.

Jelastic pre-configured WordPress cluster helps to handle loads spikes, ensure zero downtime, secure WordPress site and improve performance.

Some of its features include;

  • More than 50 containers for Java, PHP, Python, etc.
  • Developer web portal for provisioning and updating environments
  • Integration with Git and SVN services
  • Automated clustering of app servers and databases
  • Automatic scaling
  • etc.

To learn more, on how to install DevOps PaaS on vultr and deploy WordPress Clusters go to, Vultr Marketplace>Jelastic DevOps PaaS and click deploy.

Virtuozzo offers a free 30 days trial for Jelastic DevOps PaaS Lite Edition (usage limits apply). Be sure to check the actual prices before doing any migration.

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