What is a Lead Magnet in Email Marketing?

A lead magnet is a product that you offer to people for free for them to subscribe to your email list. In simple terms, a lead magnet is an email list subscription enticement. Instead of telling people to subscribe to your newsletter, you offer them some premium products for free so that they can join your email list.  

Lead:  is someone who has shown interest in your business service or product 

Magnet: is what attracts  

Example of Lead Magnet: Lewis visits Website Z to read an article about email marketing. Below the article, he comes across a link that asks him to download a premium eBook abo about email marketing (for free). Lewis clicks the link and a pop-up form appears asking him to enter his email to be sent the eBook. Lewis enters his email and clicks send eBook. He receives the eBook for free and joins Website Z’s email list. The lead magnet in this example is the eBook. 

Example of Lead Magnets 

Below are some of the items that can be used as Lead Magnets. 

  • Premium eBook (offered for free) 
  • Course 
  • Training Videos  
  • Templates 
  • Coupons 

Importance of Lead Magnet 

The major significance of a lead magnet is that it helps your business in growing an email list faster than it could happen using standard email subscription forms.  

NOTE: When creating your lead magnet subscription form, do not forget to get an email list subscription consent. 

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