Top 14 Collaboration Tools for Teams (2023)

14 best online collaboration tools that startups, small businesses, established businesses, and learning institutions use to manage their teams. Examples of features to consider include cloud-based, messaging, calendar, secure software, mobile-ready, app integrations, easy-to-use interface, cost, project management, onboarding, etc. We have ranked the collaboration tools according to popularity and performance.

1. Office 365

Office 365 logo

Microsoft Office 365 is a collaboration software that is used to create documents, communicate and store files. Office 365 collaboration apps include excel, calendar, bookings, forms, one Drive, Outlook, planner, PowerPoint, project, SharePoint, stream, teams, to do, word, Yammer, etc.


2. Google Workspace

Google Workspace logo

Google Workspace (formerly Gsuite) is a software that is used for collaboration and productivity. Some of Google Workspace apps include Gmail for business, Docs, Currents, Meet, Sheets, Keep, Slides, Calendar, Drive, Forms, Jambord, Vault, etc.


3. Slack

Slack logo

Slack is a platform that is used to connect teams working remotely. Slack makes remote communication faster, better, and more secure. It can be integrated with business applications like Workday, Jira, Zoom, Salesforce, Office 365 apps, Google Workspace apps, etc.


4. Trello

Trello logo

Trello is a software that is used by teams for collaboration and project management.


5. Asana Collaboration

Asana Collaboration logo

Asana is a software that is used by businesses to manage a team's work, projects, and tasks.


6. Workplace

Workplace logo

Workplace by Facebook is a tool that is used for communication by businesses. It makes it easy for companies to create a private communication platform with advanced video and messaging capabilities.


7. Podio

Podio logo

Podio by Citrix is a collaboration platform that is used for project management, communication and workflow management.


8. Flock

Flock logo

Flock is a platform that is used for team management and collaboration. Businesses can use flock to create team communication channels, interact through video conferencing, create, assign and track tasks, monitor leads, convert leads, etc.


9. logo is a platform that is used in the workplace for document collaboration. It can also be used for design, sales, and research. comes with a smart document editor with inline comments, document linking, link previews, etc.


10. Redbooth

Redbooth logo

Redbooth is a collaboration platform that is used to help teams manage their tasks and communicate remotely.


11. Ryver

Ryver  logo

Ryver is a collaboration platform that is used by teams to communicate, manage tasks or projects and automate business processes.


12. Karbon

Karbon logo

Karbon is a collaboration software that is used for work management by accounting companies.


13. Igloo

Igloo logo

Igloo is a cloud software that is used to build a digital workplace. With Igloo, employees can communicate, share files and solve tasks from anywhere.


14. Wimi

Wimi logo

Wimi is a software that is used by teams for project management and collaboration. It makes it easy for teams to communicate, manage tasks, and share files and documents.


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