Top 5 Comment Form builder plugins and software (2023)

5 Best comment builder WordPress and plugins that website owners use to increase engagement. The comments forms listed make it easy to moderate comments, prevent spam, monetize comments and get notifications. We have ranked the comment form builders according to popularity and performance.

1. Disqus

Disqus  logo

Disqus is one of the most advanced comment systems. Disqus comments can be embedded in any content management system. It supports comment moderation, comment spam moderation, monetization, emojis, upvotes, downvotes, etc.


2. Thrive Comments

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Thrive Comments is a paid WordPress comments plugin. The most unique thing about thrive comments it makes it easy for users to subscribe to your email list using their comment details. It also offers comment moderation options and Facebook sign in


3. Openweb

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OpenWeb is a powerful comment system that websites can use to create comment forms. It is used by established websites like Techrucn, Huffpost, Foxnews, Variety, Skysports, billboard, etc. It makes it easy to manage and moderate comments


4. Viafoura

Viafoura logo

Viafoura is a software that is used for building comment systems. Viafoura makes it easy to sort comments according to time, like, and replies and monetize your comments. You can also follow post comments to receive notifications when new comments are made in a particular post.


5. Remark42

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Remark42 is a free and lightweight software that is used to create a comment system. Remark42 is a self-hosted comment engine, this means that you must have some basic knowledge of installing and managing apps on your server.


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