Top 12 Live Streaming Software (2023)

12 best live streaming software used by vloggers and small businesses to host live stream events. Some of the features of the best live streaming software include Screen sharing, number of participants, number of people watching, stream on YouTube, Facebook, custom backgrounds, recording, full HD, etc. We have ranked the live streaming software according to popularity and performance.

1. StreamYard

StreamYard logo

StreamYard is one of the best software that is used for live streaming without the need to download any software. You can use StreamYard to interview guests on TV or live stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.


2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio logo

OBS Studio is a free and open-source software that is used for video recording and live streaming. OBS Studio is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. OBS studio is run by OBS Project.


3. Streamlabs

Streamlabs logo

Streamlabs is one of the most powerful free software that is used for live streaming on Windows and Mac. You can use Streamlabs to live stream to multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Streamlabs is popular among gamers on Twitch.


4. Restream

Restream logo

Restream is a live streaming software that is used to stream live to over 30 social platforms at once. You can use the free plan with limited features to stream to 30+ channels.


5. Panopto

Panopto logo

Panopto is a software that is used for video recording, sharing and livestreaming. Panopto software comes with a number of unique features like video editing, CMS integration, in-video quizzing, Video Capture Hardware etc.


6. LiveStream

LiveStream logo

Livestream (now Vimeo Livestream) is a software that is used for live streaming virtual events and remote workforce. You can live stream across social media platforms or embed stream on your website. You can also monetize your live streams through subscriptions.


7. Dacast

Dacast logo

Dacast is a platform that is used for live streaming, video hosting, and video monetization. Dacast also comes with an advanced video content management (CMS) that you can use to manage your videos.


8. XSplit

XSplit  logo

XSplit is a software that is used for live streaming and recording virtual events. XSplit can be used for online classes, virtual interviews, virtual events, live product demonstrations, etc.


9. Wowza

Wowza logo

Wowza is a platform that is used for video live streaming and recording. Wowza can also be used by businesses for live video monitoring and surveillance. Wowza has streaming software that you can install in your own infrastructure and a cloud-hosted one.


10. vMix

vMix logo

vMix is a software that is used for video live streaming to multiple platforms. To use vMix, you need to install it on a device running Windows 10. vMix interface comes with powerful features like LIVE mixing, recording, built-in animated titles, scoreboards, scripting, etc.


11. LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar logo

LiveWebinar is software that is used for Webinar hosting and live streaming. Some of the key features of LiveWebinar include screen sharing, webinar recording, paid webinars, social media broadcasting, and a whiteboard.


12. SnapStream

SnapStream logo

SnapStream is a software that is used to capture live TV news and shows. Snapstream can also be used for editing and sharing captured Live TV video to social media.


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