Top 10 Membership Website Builder Software (2023)

10 best membership website builder software for creating membership subscription sites. Features to consider when picking a membership software include integrations, cost, automation, payment methods, auto-renewal, one-time payment, language supported, performance, mobile responsive, etc. We have ranked the membership software according to popularity and performance.

1. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member logo

Ultimate Member is a WordPress plugin that is used to create a membership website. Ultimate Member comes with paid extensions like creating groups, WooCommerce integration, adding private messages, user reviews, followers, etc that are used to improve its functionality.


2. WildApricot

WildApricot logo

WildApricot is a powerful software that is used to create membership websites for organizations. It is mostly used by associations, nonprofits foundations, clubs, and sports to create membership pages. In 2017 WildApricot was acquired by Personify a company that is based in Austin, Texas.


3. Memberful

Memberful  logo

Memberful is a software that is used to create and run a paid membership program. Memberful is recommended if you want to create a website for pay-to-read content, paid podcasts, paid newsletters, private community, and online paid courses.


4. aMember Pro

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aMember Pro is a software that is used for creating membership and subscription websites. aMember Pro is build in PHP and supports some of the top payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize, Visa, MasterCard, 2Checkout, etc.


5. MemberSpace

MemberSpace  logo

MemberSpace is a software that is used to create paid members-only pages. It can be integrated with popular CMS like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, HubSpot, etc. Example of Memberspace use case include cooking courses, training workout, live events, online workshops, private entrepreneur community, etc.


6. WishList

WishList logo

WishList is a software that is used to build membership websites. If you have a website built with WordPress, then you can use the WishList Member WordPress plugin to turn your blog into a membership site.


7. MemberMouse

MemberMouse logo

MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin that is used to build a membership website. You can use MemberMouse to sell your digital products to members, offer paid content, and offer training (courses).


8. MemberClicks

MemberClicks logo

MemberClicks is a software that is used to create a platform for managing members, events, and online communities. MemberClicks is mostly used by professional associations, college alumni, company associations, etc. MemberClicks was acquired by Personify in 2020.


9. s2Member

s2Member logo

s2Member is a free WordPress plugin that is used to protect WordPress posts, pages, categories, and downloadable files. s2Member pro version provides additional features like brute-force login protection, encryption keys, membership levels, anti-spam, redemption codes, and multi-site network.


10. YourMembership

YourMembership logo

YourMembership is a software that is used to create websites for managing association members. Associations can use YourMembership software to create learning management platforms, job boards, and events.


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