Top 15 Note Taking Apps (2023)

15 best note-taking apps that bloggers, students, and teams use to take notes online. Some of the features to consider when picking a note-taking tool include multi-device, search option, document converting, integrations, cloud storage, cost, security, collaboration ability, sharing option, media support, etc. We have ranked the note-taking apps according to performance and popularity

1. Evernote

Evernote logo

Evernote is one of the best mobile applications that is used for note-taking. Evernote has a free and paid version.


2. Notion

Notion logo

Notion is an application that is used for note-taking, task management, and organization.


3. Apple Notes

Apple Notes logo

Apple Notes is an application that is used for taking notes for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.


4. OneNote

OneNote logo

OneNote is an application that is part of Microsoft 365 that is used for note taking.


5. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook logo

Zoho Notebook is a beautiful free note-taking app that can be used to share and collaborate notes with co-workers across multiple devices.


6. Google Keep

Google Keep logo

Google keep is a free note-taking app that is part of Google Docs. It is free to use


7. Simplenote

Simplenote logo

Simplenote is a free cross-platform application, that is used for taking notes. Most people prefer it over other note-taking apps because you can sync your notes on all your devices (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux). Simplenote is owned by Automattic, the company behind


8. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper logo

Dropbox Paper is a free tool that is used by teams for co-editing of documents. You can also use it to make to-do lists.


9. Roam Research

Roam Research logo

Roam Research is a powerful note-taking application that is used by researchers to document their work.


10. Slite

Slite logo

Slite is an application that is used by teams for sharing ideas and working together remotely.


11. Typora

Typora  logo

Typora is a minimal markdown editor and reader that is used for a distraction-free writing and reading.


12. Bear App

Bear App logo

Bear App is a note taking app with an advanced markup editor. It can only be used in iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.


13. Ulysses

Ulysses logo

Ulysses is a writing application for Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. Ulysses is popular among writers because of its pleasant and distraction-free interface that increases productivity.


14. Standard Notes

Standard Notes logo

Standard Notes is a free and open-source Windows application that is used for taking notes. However, you have to pay to use third-party extensions.


15. Saferoom

Saferoom logo

Saferoom is an application that is used to encrypt notes added to Evernote or OneNote account. Therefore you need Saferoom and OneNote or Evernote account.


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