Top 9 Online Tax Filing Software in USA (2023)

9 best online tax filing software that small businesses and freelancers use to file their income tax returns online. Some of the features to consider before picking a tax filing software include pricing, tax calculator, insights, security, privacy, accuracy, tax refund, mobile-ready, tax break, income types, IRS inquiry support, etc. We have ranked the tax filing software according to performance and popularity

1. TurboTax

TurboTax logo

Turboxtax is a software that will help you file your income tax returns online. Turbotax can only be used to file tax returns if you are based in the United States or Canada.


2. H&R Block

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H&R Block is a platform where you can hire a professional to assist you with IRS income tax filing. H&R Block also has a software that you can install on your PC to help you with tax filing preparation.


3. Credit Karma

Credit Karma logo

Credit Karma is a platform that is used for credit monitoring and financial management. Some other services that it offers include online tax filing preparation (free), credit scores, loans, home insurance, etc.


4. FreeTaxUSA

FreeTaxUSA logo

FreeTaxUSA is a platform that is used for online tax preparation for United States residents. FreeTaxUSA is an authorized IRS e-file service provider.


5. Taxslayer

Taxslayer logo

TaxSlayer is a software that is used for tax preparation. TaxSlayer provides calculators and resources that you need to file your federal and state tax online with the IRS.


6. Efile

Efile logo

eFile is a software that is used for the preparation of state and federal income tax returns. eFile has a number of free tax calculators that you can use to calculate your taxes.


7. Drake Tax

Drake Tax logo

Drake Tax is a software that is used for online tax preparation. Drake Tax has a desktop and cloud-hosted software. It is ideal for tax consultants.


8. logo is a software that is used for filing federal and state tax returns. Once you sign to 1040, the software will ask you some questions and use the answers to provide you with tax credits and deductions that you qualify for.


9. Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax  logo

Liberty Tax is a company that offers personal and business tax preparation(online and in-office). Other services offered by Liberty Tax include ITIN application, Tax debt resolution, car insurance, debt relief, etc.


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