Top 11 Self-Publishing Companies like KDP (2023)

11 best Self-Publishing Companies like Amazon’s KDP that writers and bloggers use to self-publish their books. Features to consider when picking a self-publishing company include commission structure, company reputation, country restriction, distribution platforms, payment methods, taxes, onboarding process, etc. We have ranked the self-publishing companies according to performance and popularity.

1. Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing logo

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the most popular platform for selling ebooks. KDP is free to publish ebooks but you will earn about 35% to 70% of the total sale you make from each book. Books published using KDP are available for sale at


2. Apple Books

Apple Books logo

Apple Books (initially iBooks) is a platform that is used for self-publishing and selling eBooks. Apple Book is one of the best alternatives to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). What makes KDP the best self-publishing platform is that it has a larger reader base and is not restricted to any operating system (OS).


3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books  logo

Google Play Books (initially Google eBook) is an application that is used for publishing and selling eBooks and audiobooks. You can sell your eBooks on Google Play Books if you are based in any of the 75 supported countries. You will earn 70% of each sale you make from your eBook. NOTE: Do not Confuse Google PlayBook with Google Books.


4. Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble logo

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest online bookstores. If you are an author, you can write your book, edit, format and then publish it on Barnes & Noble for free. You can also pay Barnes & Noble to help you with the publishing process.


5. Kobo

Kobo logo

Kobo (also known as Rakuten Kobo) is a platform that is used for selling eBooks and audiobooks. You can self-publish your book for free on Kobo through their self-publishing platform called Kobo Writing Life. Kobo was in 2011 acquired by Rakuten, the largest eCommerce site in Japan.


6. Lulu

Lulu logo

Lulu is a company that is used for self-publishing and print-on-demand. If you have written a book, you can upload it to Lulu and it will be printed or sold as an eBook. Lulu also distributes books to online stores.


7. Smashwords

Smashwords logo

Smashwords is a platform that is used for ebook publishing and distribution. You can write a novel, fiction, nonfiction, research reports, etc and publish it on Smashwords. It will then be distributed to major retailer and libraries.


8. Blurb

Blurb logo

Blurb is one of the best platforms to create, publish, and sell high-quality books. Blurb has a powerful design software called Book Wright that makes it easy to create professional-quality books. Blurb is ideal if you want to create photo books, cookbooks, travel books, family photo books, portfolio books, and business books.


9. IngramSpark

IngramSpark logo

IngramSpark is a platform that is used for self-publishing eBooks and prints. Once you have completed writing and formatting your book, all that you need is to publish it on IngramSpark and it will be distributed globally. Books published on IngramSpark can be distributed to Amazon KDP, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble.


10. Draft2Digital

Draft2Digital logo

Draft2Digital is a platform that is used for self-publishing, distribution, and print-on-demand. Draft2Digital has a number of book layout templates that make it easy to format and publish your book. Draft2Digital can also help you to publish books to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Scribd, etc.


11. BookBaby

BookBaby logo

BookBaby is a self-publishing company that is used for creating, publishing, and distributing books around the world. Some of BookBaby’s distribution networks include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Ingram, Apple Books, BookShop, etc.


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