Top 14 Transcription software and website (2023)

14 best transcription software that you should use for transcribing audio and video content to text. Features to consider when looking for transcription software include cost, automated, integrations, API, multi-device, human translation, mac/windows ready, quality, delivery time, speech recognition, compliance, etc. We have ranked the transcription software according to performance and popularity.

1. Rev

Rev logo

Rev is a platform that is used for audio and video transcription. Once you upload your file to Rev, it is assigned to a team of freelancers who transcribe it at a fee.


2. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe logo

Happy Scribe is a platform that is used for audio transcription and subtitling. Happy Scribe comes with an AI-powered editor that makes it easier to transcribe audio to text.


3. Descript

Descript logo

Descript is a digital platform that is used for video and audio editing. It is also used for automatic and human video and audio transcription.


4. GoTranscript

GoTranscript logo

GoTranscript is a platform that is used for transcribing video and audio to text. GoTranscript has a team of professional transcribers that transcribe uploaded audio and video files to text.


5. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe logo

TranscribeMe is a platform used for the human transcription of audio and video files. If you are a professional transcriber, TranscribeMe is the best place to get a transaction job.


6. Scribie

Scribie logo

Scribie is a company that offers automated and human transcription of audio and video. You can use Scribie to transcribe your interviews, meetings, podcasts, etc. How Scribie works is that you upload your file, pay, check transcription progress and then download.


7. logo is a tool that is used for automated audio and video to text transcription. Sonix also offers automated translation in 30 languages and automated subtitles.


8. Trint

Trint logo

Trint is a software that is used to transcribe audio to text. Trint iPhone app can convert recorded audio, re-record phone call or imported audio to text.


9. Temi

Temi logo

Temi is an app that is used for automatic audio to text transcription. All you need is to upload your audio or video file, it will be automatically transcribed.


10. Amberscript

Amberscript logo

Amberscript is a platform that is used for automatic and manual transcription, subtitles, and data annotation. To get started you need to subscribe, upload files, get your file transcribed, edit, and export.


11. Maestra

Maestra  logo

Maestra is a software that is used for automatic transcription of video and audio files. Maestra comes with an advanced built-in text editor. Maestra can also be used for captioning and automatic voice-over.


12. Verbit

Verbit logo

Verbit is a platform that is used for audio and video files transcription and captioning. Verbit can be integrated with popular learning management systems (LMC) like Canvas, Blackboard, Brighcove, etc.


13. Speechpad

Speechpad logo

Speechpad is a platform that is used for human transcription and captioning. You can use Speechpad to convert voice to text, speech to text, and MP3 to text. Speechpad can also be used for subtitles and closed captions.


14. Transcription Panda

Transcription Panda logo

Transcription Panda is a platform that is used for human audio and video transcription and translation. All Transcription Panda translation and transcription services are done manually by an in-house team.


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