Top 11 Video Conferencing Software (2023)

11 video conferencing software that bloggers, freelancers, and small businesses use for virtual meetings of groups. Some of the features to consider when choosing a video conferencing software include Screen sharing, video conferencing, conference calls, mobile and web-ready, meeting recording options, webcam preview, background customization, privacy, compliance, integrations, file upload support, team collaboration, branding, chat options, custom domains, etc. We have ranked the video conferencing software according to performance and popularity.

1. Zoom

Zoom logo

Zoom is one of the most popular software that is used for holding online meetings and conferences. It can be used on major web browsers, installed in your computer or through mobile app.


2. Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a platform that is used for holding online video meetings. It is part of Office 365 apps (in some packages). To start a meeting, login to account, click teams then Meet Now.


3. Google Meet

Google Meet logo

Google Meet is a free video meeting software created by Google. In order to use Google Meet, you must have a Gmail account. Google Meet works can be used on a desktop browser or mobile app.


4. Webex

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Webex by Cisco is one of the most reliable platforms for Video Conferencing by businesses. It comes with a powerful and secure interface for holding online video meetings.


5. Skype

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Skype is one of the oldest companies to introduce a reliable video call platform. Before Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet became popular, Skype was the only known reputable software for conducting business video interviews and meetings. Its popularity has been declining due to competition.


6. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting logo

Zoho Meeting is a software that is used for conducting online meetings and web conferences. Zoho meeting promises to encrypt audio, video, and screen sharing data as it moves through the internet.


7. Teamviewer

Teamviewer logo

TeamViewer is a powerful software that is used for remote connectivity by small and large businesses. You can use TeamViewer to connect devices (Computers, Smartphones, Servers, etc) from any location. User case: Philips uses TeamViewer for remote maintenance of digital displays.


8. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting logo

GoToMeeting is a reliable platform that is used for online video conferencing. GoToMeeting is ideal if you are looking for a business tool for remote workforce meetings.


9. Bluejeans

Bluejeans logo

BlueJeans is a software that is used for holding online video meetings. You can use BlueJeans on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge browser or install desktop app or mobile app.


10. Slack Video Conferencing

Slack Video Conferencing logo

Slack video conferencing makes it easier for you to integrate Slack with your favorite video meeting apps like Zoom, Webex by Cisco, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans.


11. Clickmeeting

Clickmeeting logo

ClickMeeting is a software that is used for video conferencing, online meetings, and holding webinars. If you are looking for a software to conduct online courses, online business meetings, and online events, then ClickMeeting has all the features to meet your needs.


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