Top 10 Website Translation Tools and Plugins (2023)

10 best website translation plugins and apps that bloggers use to translate their sites and turn them into multilingual websites. Features to consider when choosing a website translation software include search engine indexing, SEO friendly, automatic translation, translated content editing, number of languages, URL translation, cost, language subdomain, CMS compatibility, etc. We have ranked the website translations plugins and apps according to performance and popularity.


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WordPress Multilingual (WPML) is one of the most popular and advanced paid WordPress plugins that is used to translate WP sites to over 40 languages. It is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins.


2. Welgot

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Weglot is a software that is used for content translation in content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, Drupal. All you need is to install Weglot plugin in your CMS and select the language that you want your page to be translated to.


3. Smartcat

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Smartcat is a translation platform that is used by translation agencies, freelancers, professionals, and language service providers to manage and work on translation tasks. You can use Smartcat to run your own translation businesses or agency.


4. TranslatePress

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TranslatePress is a premium WordPress translation plugin. To start using the plugin, all you need is to pay for a subscription, download the plugin, install it, select your language and enable automated translation.


5. Polylang

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Polylang is a free translation WordPress plugin with over 600,000 active installations. Polylang also has a pro version that you can use to make your WooCommerce website multilingual.


6. Memsource

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Memsource is a premium AI-powered translation system that can be used to translate web app content, software content, websites, games, etc. It can be integrated with some of the most popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.


7. Matecat

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MateCat is a free and open-source online file translation tool. MateCart works great on Chrome and Safari Browser. To use MateCat, open the website, select language, upload your file, click analyze and it will start to automatically translate your file without any cost or limit. It supports over 78 file formats and Google Drive files.


8. MultilingualPress

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MultilingualPress is a premium WordPress plugin that is used to create multilingual WP websites. All you need is to buy the plugin, download it, and install it on your WordPress sites.


9. XTM Cloud

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XTM Cloud or International is a translation management system that is used to translate online content. XTM Cloud can also be used to localize content depending on user location and browser language. You can integrate XTM Cloud with some of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) LIKE Drupal, WordPress, Contentful, etc.


10. Wordbee

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Wordbee is a translation management system that can be used to translate games, software, apps, etc. It comes with a powerful API that you can use to integrate your content system.


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