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GoTranscript is a platform that is used for transcribing video and audio to text. GoTranscript has a team of professional transcribers that transcribe uploaded audio and video files to text.

Website: GoTranscript

GoTranscript Company Profile

Name Details
Founded 2006
Founder Peter Trebek
Industry Transcription
Headquarter Edinburgh, Scotland

GoTranscript Contacts

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (831) 222-8398
  • Facebook: @speechtotextservice
  • Twitter: @gotranscriptcom

GoTranscript Features and Products

GoTranscript features and products include Transcription, English captions, Foreign subtitles, Translation, Word counter, Subtitle converter, YouTube downloader, Caption editor

GoTranscript Integration

GoTranscript works well with YouTube

Extra Information

  • License: Subscription
  • API: Available
  • Partnership Available: Affiliate Program

Tool Category: Top 14 Transcription software and website

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