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Ezoic is a blog monetization platform for publishers. It is known for its high CPM rates. It is ideal for blogs with a high percentage of US traffic. What makes Ezoic Ads perform well than its competitors is its Ad testing technology that helps publishers find the most performing Ads. One disadvantage of using Ezoic is that it has a terrible onboarding experience. Unlike other ad networks where all that you need to do is to place an Ad code on your website for Ads to display, Ezoic requires a lot of configurations. Even setting up something as simple as an ads.txt file requires steps of setup and authorization. The best alternative to Ezoic is AdThrive and Mediavine.

Website: Ezoic

Ezoic Company Profile

Name Details
Founded 2010
Founder Dwayne Lafleur
Industry Advertising
Headquarter Carlsbad, California, United States.

Ezoic Contacts

  • Email: contact@ezoic.com
  • Phone: (760) 550-9689
  • Facebook: @ezoic
  • Twitter: @ezoic

Ezoic Features and Products

Ezoic features and products include Google Ad Exchange, Displays ads, Direct Ad Orders, Video Ads etc

Ezoic Integration

Ezoic works well with WordPress, CloudFlare, Google Ad Manager, Google Adsense, etc.

Extra Information

  • License: Free
  • API: Available
  • Partnership Available: Affiliate Program

Tool Category: Top 10 Blog Monetization Platforms

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