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Ionic Framework is an open-source platform that is used for cross-platform mobile application development. You can build your app on Ionic Framework with Angular, React, Vue, vanilla JavaScript, etc.

Website: Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework Company Profile

Name Details
Founded 2012
Founder Max Lynch and Ben Sperry
Industry Mobile Apps
Headquarter Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Ionic Framework Contacts

  • Email: Unknown
  • Phone: Unknown
  • Facebook: @ionicframework
  • Twitter: @IonicFramework

Ionic Framework Features and Products

Ionic Framework features and products include UI components, PWA, Live Reload, deployments, Fast apps, Geolocation, Bluetooth, Workflow automation, Advanced biometrics, Secure storage, Private Git Repos, Concurrent Builds, Mobile payment collection

Ionic Framework Integration

Ionic Framework works well with Windows, Apple Pay, Microsoft Intune, Firebase, Google Play, Google Analytics, Intercom, Admob, AWS amplify, OneSignal, Google Pay, Alipay, Twitter, Facebook, Alan

Extra Information

  • License: Open Source, Subscription
  • API: Available
  • Partnership Available: None

Tool Category: Top 13 Mobile App Development Software and Framework

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