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Gentoo is a free Linux Operating system. Gentoo can be used for building a secure server, embedded solution, development workstation, gaming system, etc.

Website: Gentoo

Gentoo Company Profile

Name Details
Founded 1999
Founder Daniel Robbins
Industry Linux OS
Headquarter United States.

Gentoo Contacts

  • Email: Unknown
  • Phone: Unknown
  • Facebook: @gentoo
  • Twitter: @gentoo

Gentoo Features and Products

Gentoo features and products include Collision-protect, Noauto, Sandbox, Userpriv, Usersandbox, GPG sign, src_tes

Gentoo Integration

Gentoo works well with GRUB2, LILO

Extra Information

  • License: Free
  • API: Not available
  • Partnership Available: None

Tool Category: Top 13 Linux Distributions and Operating Systems

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